Author: Salvador Baloi (Salvador Baloi)

OMS aponta 24 países com surtos de cólera activos

WHO points to 24 countries with active cholera outbreaks

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned two years ago of the resurgence of cholera outbreaks and that so far there are 24 countries with active outbreaks, some of which are experiencing a serious crisis. Although the data available to the WHO is insufficient, the cases reported in 2022 have doubled those of 2021, and the...

Detidas oito pessoas por colapso de barragens na Líbia

Eight people arrested in connection with dam collapse in Libya

Libya's Prosecutor General has ordered the arrest of eight current and former government officials while the investigation into the collapse of two dams earlier this month, which caused thousands of deaths, continues. The two dams on the outskirts of the city of Derna (east) broke on September 11, after being flooded by the storm...

Empresária Sheinaz Gani sequestrada em Maio volta ao convívio familiar

Businesswoman Sheinaz Gani, kidnapped in May, returns to family life

Businesswoman Sheinaz Gani, who had been in the hands of kidnappers since last May, has been released. The information was provided by people close to the family, revealing that she was released yesterday, Sunday night, somewhere in Maputo city. She is apparently well. But she's psychologically broken," close sources told MZNews. Sheinaz Gani, of...

Greve em Hollywood, que dura há quase cinco meses pode ter os dias contados

The Hollywood strike, which has been going on for almost five months, may have its days numbered

Hollywood studios and screenwriters have reached an agreement to end the strike, after a marathon five days of negotiations. However, the agreement has to be approved by the leadership and members of the WGA. According to SIC Notícias, the screenwriters' union and Hollywood studios have reached an agreement in principle to end...

Oxford Economics: ?Angola e Moçambique são os países lusófonos com dívida mais arriscada?

Oxford Economics: ?Angola and Mozambique are the Portuguese-speaking countries with the riskiest debt?

The director of the emerging markets department at Oxford Economics believes that Angola and Mozambique are the Portuguese-speaking African countries most at risk of a debt restructuring, which would be a very lengthy process. According to Gabriel Sterne, who was answering questions from Lusa, "the two Portuguese-speaking African countries most at risk of a...

Maputo: Namaacha lança segunda edição do festival de frango

Maputo: Namaacha launches second chicken festival

The municipal town of Namaacha, in Maputo province, will host the second edition of the chicken festival on October 7th. This is an event organized by the district government, in partnership with the local Municipal Council and private sector partners, which according to Revista Terra, is expected to attract more than five thousand...