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Indústria extractiva terá o maior contributo para o PIB nacional este ano

Extractive industry to make biggest contribution to national GDP this year

The growth of economic activity in Mozambique is expected to stand at 5% according to the forecasts of the Economic and Social Plan and State Budget (PESOE), which foresees the greatest performance coming from the Extractive Industry. The PESOE's growth forecast ?will be sustained by the positive performance of the extractive industry, with 23.1%?, says the Ministry...

Desempenho macroeconómico nacional situou-se abaixo das previsões do PESOE no primeiro semestre do ano

National macroeconomic performance was below PESOE forecasts in the first half of the year

Mozambique's macroeconomic performance stood at 41.1%, below the forecasts of the Economic and Social Plan and State Budget (PESOE) for the first half of 2023, reveals a report by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). In the document consulted today by MZNews, the MEF shows optimism in the results, and attributes the degree of achievement...

Cegid Primavera apresenta ferramenta de gestão digital de dados e impostos para empresas

Cegid Primavera presents digital data and tax management tool for companies

Betting on the digital transformation of Mozambican companies is undoubtedly Cegid Primavera's biggest goal. Today, at the Maputo International Trade Fair, the company presented a solution that enables the digital management of data, including taxes. This is Cegid Primavera ERP Evolution, a digital and innovative resource capable of adapting to the particularities of...

Governo desconhece ameaças à classe médica e recomenda denúncia à PGR

Government unaware of threats to medical profession and recommends complaint to PGR

The Mozambican Executive does not know the origin of the threats to the lives (death threats) of three members of the board of the Mozambican Medical Association (AMM), due to the strike and the "arm wrestling" in negotiations. On Sunday (20), during the meeting that extended the strike for another 21 days, the AMM denounced the threats to...

Novas cartas: Governo convoca Adriano Maleiane para liderar nova comissão de diálogo com os médicos

New letters: Government summons Adriano Maleiane to lead new commission for dialog with doctors

The Government has appointed the Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane, to lead the new dialog group between the Government and the Doctors, the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Inocêncio Impissa, said today. In the context of opening up the dialogue, despite the meetings that have been held continuously, the government has appointed a new working group headed by the Prime Minister, to continue...

Governo já contratou mais médicos, e os outros estão a bater à porta errada para reivindicar seus direitos

The government has already hired more doctors, and the others are knocking on the wrong door to claim their rights

The Deputy Minister of State Administration and Civil Service, Inocêncio Impissa, said on Tuesday (15) that the government has already hired 60 doctors to meet basic health needs in the country's hospitals. He explained that this hiring, previously announced by the Executive, was precipitated by the doctors' strike, but was not a substitute for the missing doctors...

?Cartas fora do baralho?: Governo não vai atender às reivindicações salariais dos médicos

?Cards out of the deck?: Government won't meet doctors' salary demands

The Executive will not meet the salary demands of the Mozambican Medical Association (AMM) because it considers them illegal, the Deputy Minister of State Administration and Civil Service said on Tuesday. Speaking in Maputo, after the 29th session of the Council of Ministers, Inocêncio Impissa, said that the complaints about diuturnity and overtime were off the table...