Artifacts from the Mozambican colonial war will be supplied to the African Liberation Museum

Artefactos da guerra colonial moçambicana serão fornecidos ao Museu da Libertação Africana

Artifacts used during the liberation struggle against Portuguese colonialism in Mozambique will be provided to the African Liberation Museum in Harare, Zimbabwe, for display as soon as it is completed.

The assurance was given by a Mozambican delegation led by the Minister of Combatants, Josefina Mpelo, to the Zimbabwean Minister of Defense and War Veterans, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, in order to help Africa tell its own story for the next generations.

"The artifacts used during the independence struggle include the uniforms, documents, weapons and all the other information that portrays the history of the armed struggle," mentioned the Minister, during the signing of a memorandum of support for the construction of the Museum, in Harare.

On Thursday (30), the Mozambican delegation visited the museum site to learn about progress, writes the Zimbabwean portal "The Herald".

"Zimbabwe and Mozambique share the same history, culture and trenches. Today we visited the site and were impressed." The project speaks volumes about brotherhood and we are closest allies in terms of the history of the liberation war," he stressed.

On the occasion the Minister further said that the project was of capital importance, as it was of utmost importance to preserve the history of the liberation struggle throughout Africa, while at the same time it is an opportunity for the continent to "talk about itself."

""The African Museum is an opportunity to share our historical information. And we are here to support the project," he said.

For her part, the Zimbabwean Minister said that the visit strengthens bilateral cooperation ties that date back to the liberation struggle.

"Mozambique is our second homeland. We remember vividly the support that was given to us for the success of the liberation war. The country accommodated us, gave us food, the necessary training, and we shared the same trenches during the war," he said.

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