AQI opens its 15th store, and recognizes Beira as its strategic distribution platform

AQI abre a sua 15ª Loja, e reconhece Beira como a sua plataforma de distribuição estratégica

After the total rebranding of the brand and the opening of its store in Maputo, AQI continues its expansion plan by opening 1 more store, this time in the city of Beira, next to the Recheio Supermarket, formerly Jumbo Pioneiros.

The store has more than 800m2, more than 15 thousand references of varieties of products for the areas of agriculture, fishing, livestock, and more, says a statement sent to our newsroom.

The opening of its store is the recognition of Beira as a geographically strategic location, for the implementation of its distribution platform to supply 15 stores and more than 600 agrodealers nationwide.

The AQI store in Beira was inaugurated yesterday, January 31st, by Lourenço Bulha, governor of Sofala Province, and also featured the testimony of a success story of an agro-dealer who, with the help of AQI, was able to grow, boost his business and help many other families living in remote areas with limited access to agricultural and fishing inputs.

The inauguration was also attended by AQI's partners, clients and suppliers, who, on the occasion, got to know the facilities of the largest store for the sale of agricultural and livestock products, which had an overall investment of about 30 million meticais.

Rui Brandão, AQI's CEO, informed that ?due to its geographic location, the city of Beira will have a strategic importance for AQI, either by the opening of the 15th store, with its wide range of products, fishing accessories and technical advice, hoping to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of this city's population, or by also installing here, the company's largest logistics platform that intends to supply the entire country".

The new store in Beira, similarly to the AQI store in Maputo, is part of the brand's objective to have a uniform image from North to South of the country.

"AQI means that to have a good production you need to start well, you need quality seeds, proper technical advice and good tools for a good harvest. So we want all our customers to feel that AQI has everything for a good harvest."

With the opening of the new store, the company now has more than 115 employees and 15 stores throughout the country. It also has a unique distribution network in the various provinces, made up of more than 600 agrodealers (retailers). This allows its products to reach the most remote places, an added value in a country the size of Mozambique.

The AQI brand wants to contribute to the sustainable development of the country, improving the quality of life of Mozambicans through a strong bet on quality products that can reach everyone.

His greatest wish is that all Mozambicans have equal opportunities in accessing the different natural resources to help them develop their own livelihoods (private or business), regardless of where they are in the country, and thus be able to make the best use of these resources for themselves and for a better Mozambique for all.

The brand is specialized in offering products in the area of agriculture, fishing and livestock, becoming a major ally of production in Mozambique.

Lately, it has further expanded its product portfolio to make available a larger and more diversified offer in order to meet the needs of different customers, counting in its portfolio with a line of Pets, Irrigation, Gardening, Pool, Camping, and more.

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