Apple launches portable wireless charger for iPhone

Apple lança carregador portátil sem fios para iPhone

Apple launched in Spain the MagSafe product, a portable battery that charges the iPhone wirelesslyaccording to El Economista.

According to the portal, Executive, the "MagSafe Battery" is a 1 460 mAh external battery that can be connected to the iPhone 12, and should also be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 13, with no need to connect a cable between the battery and the phone, as with other portable chargers.

The US giant's new technology features a ring of magnets that allows the two devices to be held together and wireless charging to occur safely.

The launch put an end to rumors in recent months about the new product, although other accessory manufacturers have released similar items, but with more advanced features.

In February, Anker released a similar portable battery, but with a 5000 mAh capacity and 7.5 W charge, selling for €35.99 at stores like Amazon.

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