Ana Comoane appeals for patience to conclude TSU adjustments. "Even you journalists..."

Ana Comoane apela paciência para conclusão de ajustes na TSU. “Mesmo vocês jornalistas…”

On Friday (23), the Minister of State Administration and Civil Service called on state employees and agents to be patient until all the necessary adjustments to the Single Salary Scale are completed.

Speaking on the sidelines of the celebration of International Civil Service Day, Ana Comoana explained that the classification of state employees and agents in the TSU is individual in that each one has their own length of service and particular qualifications.

"... it takes patience for A, B and C to have to come and say that look, my framework isn't correct because my length of service has been miscounted and then we'll go through the process to check," said the Minister quoted by the The Country.

In his view, the demands regarding the TSU framework should also be individual and not collective to the point of leading to widespread strikes or stoppages. Furthermore, they should take place in an appropriate forum.

"We are globalizing what is not 'globalizable'. It has always been said that the question of framework is individual. Even you journalists, each of you has a length of service that isn't the same, maybe your qualifications aren't the same, but it could happen that one day you get together to demand what perhaps can't be demanded globally," he said.

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