Amazon may launch its own web browser

Amazon pode lançar o seu próprio navegador de internet

A Amazon appears to be considering launching its own web browser, with the hypothesis coming to light via a survey sent out by the tech giant to users.

The survey included questions such as: what features would "convince you to download and try" a "new desktop/laptop browser from Amazon"?

The survey also listed topics on privacy, syncing passwords between devices, and shopping features.

"We want to understand what our customers value in current web browsers, and what they wish browsers could improve," Amazon wrote in the survey, according to the portal Gizmodo.

Amazon's idea comes at a time when it would have an unusual impact on the advertising business. The advertising industry is bracing for a cataclysmic change as Google prepares to eliminate third-party cookies in Chrome, - the world's most popular web browser - which would downgrade one of the main ways companies track consumers for ads.

Most people don't think of Amazon as an advertising company, but it is raking in staggering marketing revenue. Amazon's advertising business earned nearly $38 billion in 2022, which is more than it earned on Prime and all its other subscription services combined.

Part of what makes Amazon so attractive to marketers is the fact that the company sits on a treasure trove of data about what consumers are buying and what their buying habits look like. If Amazon could match that information with the data collection that comes from a web browser, it could sway Internet advertising statistics in the retail giant's favor.

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