PRM agent commits suicide over 200,000 meticais debt incurred playing Aviator

Agente da PRM suicida-se por dívida de 200 mil meticais contraída para jogar Aviator

A young police officer from the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), 22 years old, committed suicide on Thursday (25), in the city of Maputo, because of a debt he had incurred playing Aviator - a type of online gambling - according to a PRM source.

According to the source, who spoke to MZNewsThe PRM officer left a letter stating why he took his own life.

"He left a letter. The letter he left said that he owed 200,000 meticais to play Aviator," he said, stressing that he still can't share the letter. "We can't share the letter at the moment. We're still investigating the veracity of it."

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According to a copy [forwarded messageAccording to a police note [n°07/PPHGM/2024], the officer, who was assigned to the 18th police station in Maputo City, left home at 6am and returned at 9am. Once home, he locked himself in his room and called his girlfriend, to whom he informed of his intention to commit suicide. The girlfriend informed the deceased's godmother. The latter called and informed the maternal aunt about the message she had received from the agent's girlfriend. The maternal aunt then went to knock on the door of the deceased's room. When she didn't get an answer, she burst through the bedroom door. The scene she found was her nephew already lifeless, hanged by a tie-like cloth, tied to one of the beams in the room.

This year is the second death of a PRM agent due to debts incurred playing Aviator. O first case of 2024 took place in the district of Funhalouro, Inhambane province. The victim was a 24-year-old man.

In 2023 there were other cases of suicides due to gambling debts, particularly Aviator.

Update: MZNews had access to the letter through other sources. The amount in question is around 270,000 meticais.

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