Africa: Cape Verde in the list of the most vaccinated against Covid-19

África: Cabo Verde na lista dos que mais vacinaram contra a Covid-19

Cape Verde vaccinated one fifth of the population against Covid-19 by September 30. The proportion is double the target set in May by the World Health Assembly for all countries.

In that period, only 15 African nations reached the 10% mark of immunized people, or about one-third of the continent's states.

According to a note published this Thursday, it estimates that 90% of the high-income countries have reached that goal. In Africa only the Seychelles and Mauritius have fully vaccinated more than 60% of their populations.

The Communiqué notes that nations that have reached the global goal have relatively few inhabitants. That is, at least 40% are small developing island countries. In September, the delivery of immunizer grew tenfold compared to June, reads the communiqué.

Morocco reached 48%. Cape Verde, Tunisia and Comoros reached 20% of people immunized.

Low population countries in the lead

The vast majority of African nations that have met the deadline have relatively low populations. At least 40% are small island developing states.

Other factors that distinguish the group of compliant nations is the availability of sufficient supplies of vaccines.

The global platform, which aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines, said that 21 African beneficiary countries in the region have fully immunized up to 2% of their populations.

For the coordinator of the Vaccine and Immunization Development Program of the WHO Regional Office for Africa, Richard Mihigo, the gains are still modest.

The expert said there is a long way to go to reach the goal of vaccinating 40% of the population with all doses by the end of the year. Shipments are increasing, but vagueness in delivery plans is the main obstacle

Among the nine countries that have reached one-tenth of the immunized population are South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia which reached the mark in early September. Six other nations accelerated performance with increased deliveries.

In total, 23 million Covid-19 vaccines arrived in Africa in September, a 10-fold increase compared to June. 

Source: UN News

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