Mocímboa da Praia Airfield will need a new investment

Aeródromo de Mocímboa da Praia vai precisar de um novo investimento

The airfield at Mocímboa da Praia, in the north of the country, needs new investment to start operating again, after it was destroyed by armed groups that occupied the area for 15 months, the company Aeroportos de Moçambique (ADM) announced..

"Everything is burned, everything is in ashes," said Eduardo Mutereda, ADM's operational director, speaking to public broadcaster Rádio Moçambique.

Mutereda advanced that the aircraft control equipment was completely damaged during the occupation of the village of Mocímboa da Praia by rebels on March 23, 2020.

"We are taking inventory and will do a more detailed study on the needs for new investment," he said.

A joint operation by Mozambican and Rwandan government forces on Sunday recaptured the strategic port town of Mocímboa da Praia, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

The village, which in addition to the port has an airfield, had been occupied by the rebels since March 23 of last year, in an action later claimed by the 'jihadist' group Islamic State.

The retaking of the town by the joint forces of Mozambique and Rwanda took place around 11:00 a.m. Sunday after weeks of military operations, with Rwandan forces estimating from Kigali casualties of at least 70 people among the insurgents.

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