ADE and Data4Moz establish partnership for geospatial knowledge sharing

ADE e Data4Moz estabelecem parceria para partilha de conhecimento Geo-Espacial

The National Geospatial Development Agency, Public Institute (ADE - IP) and Data4Moz ( have established a partnership aimed at collaboration and cooperation in sharing knowledge and tools to enable the Government, investors, international support institutions, and other stakeholders to better make decisions about development planning processes.

To this end, the two institutions signed on Tuesday, March 14, a memorandum of understanding that formally binds them for two years renewable. During this period, the objective is to collaborate on collecting, analyzing, modeling, managing and making available relevant information about the Mozambican geographic space, on the different platforms at their disposal.

Data4Moz thus becomes the first public partner of ADE - IP, in a relationship that will allow the interoperability of the systems used in each of the institutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the country, through the promotion of good practices of integrated planning for informed decision making, based on geospatial solutions.

The Director General of ADE - IP, Odete Semião, said after signing the memorandum that "this partnership will allow us to bring to fruition the vision of the agency, to support decision making based on reliable and synthesized information. We believe that the foundations have been created to contribute with the availability of information with the quality that allows us to, in fact, make decisions based on reliable data for the development of Mozambique.

Odete Semião also said that "the challenge of the ADE is to work on the regulation of institutional partnerships so that the data produced by different actors are effectively aggregated ? "I think that the role of each one of us, both the Government and the Private Sector, is to serve the interests of the communities and this partnership allows us to have this information that makes it possible to assist in the best way to the desires of the communities", added the manager.

The President of the Board of Directors of Data4Moz, Dino Foi, said that this exchange of knowledge between the two institutions will fill data and information gaps, to enable interventions in regions where there is a real need.

"We feel privileged to be the first company to establish a partnership with ADE, under the terms defined. We are sure that there will be many other opportunities, because there really is a need for information with the characteristics mentioned, in all areas, whether in health, education, management of natural phenomena, among others. We want to create synergies so that information from both sides is shared with the communities. We intend to bring primary data, in order to help National Directorates, Provincial Governments and even the Central Government to make decisions regarding current issues, such as natural disasters, agriculture and natural resources in general", said the Data4Moz CEO.

The National Geospatial Development Agency, a public institute, has financial and patrimonial administrative autonomy, providing services such as data and application hosting, management, monitoring and evaluation of infrastructure projects, production of interactive maps, studies, and institutional capacity building, among others.

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