Caifadine Manasse accused of attacking a comrade prosecutes 23 Frelimo MPs

Acusado de atentar contra um camarada Caifadine Manasse processa criminalmente 23 deputados da Frelimo

The MP for the Liberation Front of Mozambique (Frelimo), Caifadine Manasse, sued 23 members of his party's parliament elected by the Zambezia electoral cycle for allegedly publicly insulting him.

In his criminal complaint, Caifadine Manasse explains that during the II ordinary session of the Zambezia Provincial Committee, the Electoral Circle of Zambezia (Frelimo deputies elected in Zambezia) presented its report on March 11, 2023. The complainant says that in the final considerations, the Electoral Circle of Zambezia publicly and knowingly imputed to him facts offensive to his honor and good name," writes the Center for Democracy and Development.

Quoting the report, CDD says that Deputy Caifadine Manasse tried to assassinate the character, image and good name of Comrade Hélder Injojojo, Vice-President of the National Assembly, by associating him with drug trafficking. Find out more...

The Caifadine Manasse affair: ?From the rise to the fall of a politician who had everything and everyone in his hands?

?on this matter the Electoral Circle has evidence that Comrade Caifadine Manasse was the author of the collusion, a fact that caused the Electoral Circle to submit its disappointment to the Party Directorate in the Province? it reads.

In fact, Manasse was subjected to a disciplinary process and expelled from the Frelimo Provincial Committee, a decision that, according to CDD, created ?embarrassment in his personal life and in his political career?

Caifadine accuses the 23 deputies of having acted consciously and aware not only of the malicious end they intended to achieve, but also of the consequences of their actions, given the forum used for the purpose, the formality required, and its impact. Manasse says he has been the victim of ridicule in the media and social networks, nationally and internationally.

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