Access Bank reinforces its commitment to HCM's Oncology service

Access Bank reforça compromisso com o serviço de Oncologia do HCM

As part of its social responsibility projects and in view of the upcoming festive season, on Friday, December 15, Access Bank Mozambique donated a shipment of sheets to the Oncology Service of Maputo Central Hospital (HCM).

The aim of the initiative is to provide greater comfort, a more welcoming environment and a better quality of life for the patients who are hospitalized in that health department. In all, 80 sheets were donated and 14 sofas were restructured.

Since it started operating in Mozambique, Access Bank has promoted various solidarity actions with HCM, meeting the hospital's various needs.

Earlier this year, the Bank offered mattresses and a year's pay-TV, and in 2021 it donated household appliances (fridge, microwave, TV) and a TV kit.

"We know that small actions can make a big difference in people's lives, especially in the lives of those who need it most, so we are always very happy when we can contribute to these causes," said Marco Abalroado, Managing Director of Access Bank Mozambique.

"This is a relationship that we intend to strengthen in the long term, and which reinforces our commitment to continue contributing to the well-being and recovery of these patients," said Yuler Neves, Head of Trade & Global Transaction Banking at Access Bank Mozambique, during the delivery of the donations.

Mozambique registered around 26,000 new cases of cancer last year. Maputo Central Hospital, the country's largest health unit, registers more than 10 new cases a month and Access Bank has established itself as a supportive partner of the hospital.

The Bank has strengthened its commitment to social projects in areas such as health, education, sport and sustainability, contributing to a better quality of life in the communities where it operates and to the country's development.

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