Access Bank reinforces its commitment to banking in rural areas

Access Bank reforça compromisso com bancarização nas zonas rurais

Access Bank Mozambique was present at the Financial Fair, which took place in the district of Mongovolas, in the province of Nampula.

The event, which took place on Wednesday, September 20, aimed to strengthen financial inclusion and literacy in Mozambique, especially in rural areas.

Throughout the day, it was possible to reflect on issues related to the country's economy, to promote financial products and services to the rural population, and to publicize the facilities involved in opening an account.

The Bank had the opportunity to show that it values knowledge and financial education, and that it believes that knowledge of basic literacy principles results in sound choices that benefit everyone's future.

Access Bank has been developing various initiatives linked to financial literacy, with the aim of educating the population, especially young people, about the best way to manage their finances.

"We have implemented various projects around the country, particularly in primary and higher education institutions, where we have been organizing financial literacy sessions so that children and young people recognize the importance of dealing with finances in a more conscious way," said the Regional Retail Manager of the Nampula Branch, Saidata Aly, who had the opportunity to give a speech on the development of the financial sector in Nampula province.

Access Bank recognizes the importance of expanding bank branches in the country.

"As a way of responding to the need for financial services in the communities where we operate, we have been focusing on expanding into the provinces, and of the 11 branches we have in Mozambique, 6 are in rural areas," said Marco Albaroado, Managing Director of Access Bank Mozambique.

This is an initiative carried out as part of the Sustainable Economic Development Program (ProEcon), a project of Giz-German Cooperation, in partnership with the Mongovolas District Government and, in collaboration with the Provincial Service for Economic Activities.

Access Bank is committed to continuing to expand its services to more rural communities, both through new branches and with the help of financial institutions and organizations.

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