Access Bank supports the participation of the mozambican driver Paulo Oliveira in the 2023 Dakar Rally

Access Bank apoia participação de piloto moçambicano Paulo Oliveira no Rally Dakar 2023

Access Bank Mozambique supports the participation of the mozambican driver Paulo Oliveira, in the biggest world motor sport competition, the Dakar Rally, which will take place from December 31st 2022 to January 15th 2023, in Saudi Arabia.

This is the second consecutive participation of Mozambique in the race, led by Paulo Oliveira, who in the previous edition ensured the country's debut in the event. In this edition, the race will have 15 stages, including a prologue, over a course of about 9,000 kilometers.

According to the Managing Director of Access Bank Mozambique, Marco Abalroado, the Bank has every interest in ensuring a full and dignified participation of Mozambique in the race, so ?does not measure efforts in logistical support to the Mozambican team?

?more than strengthening our commitment to the development of sports, we maintain our belief in Mozambican sportsmen and women and we are sure that this duo will represent the country in the best way?

The pilot returns to the sands of the Dakar Rally, this time on four-wheelers, as opposed to the motorcycles he took part in last year.

The Dakar Rally is the toughest Rally race in the world and the biggest sporting goal for off-road enthusiasts.

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