Absa bank is the Honorary Partner of the Cultural and Creative Industries Award

Absa bank é o parceiro Honorífico do Prémio das Indústrias Culturais e Criativas

Absa Bank has formalized a partnership with INICC ? National Institute for Cultural and Creative Industries ? with the objective of giving shape, for the first time in Mozambique, to the Prize for Cultural and Creative Industries of Mozambique (PREICC).

The initiative is part of the list of actions developed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through INICC IP, in partnership with Absa Bank Mozambique, which consists in the awarding of artists and singular and collective individualities that have impacted the Mozambican culture at a national level and in the diaspora.

In practice, the bank will become an Honorary Partner of the Cultural and Creative Industries Prize of Mozambique, positioning itself as a catalyst in the promotion of the local creative industry, as well as an intermediary in supporting initiatives that foster the development of entrepreneurial projects linked to cultural and creative industries, while simultaneously promoting the work of young artists.

The agreement was signed on March 16, 2023 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that will last for 2 years.

Pedro Carvalho, Managing Director of Absa Bank Mozambique, said that ??the art and national culture are in our DNA. From music to painting or sculpture, we have supported the sector as a way to promote and enhance the best we have in our country. It is important to us that we can promote new talents and help them develop their art, bringing real value to our society in a sustainable way. This partnership that we sign today demonstrates once again, our commitment. Creativity feeds the soul, and only in an environment rich in cultural initiatives can there be socio-economic growth...?

It should be noted that Absa Bank Mozambique has established itself as a consistent partner in promoting and supporting the local cultural sector, having already contributed to the realization of several projects related to fashion, music and visual arts.

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