Tranquility in Cabo Delgado will dictate resumption of gas investments

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Max Tonela, says that the re-establishment of security conditions in Cabo Delgado is determinant for the resumption of investors in the area of natural gas in Palma. Max Tonela, quoted by "O País", added that the unfolding of the situation will determine when and how the work should be resumed.

With the development of terrorism in Cabo Delgado province, investors who operated in gas projects ended up paralyzing their activities fearing being harmed by insurgents. About this, Max Tonela advanced that:

"We are hopeful that this performance of the Defense and Security Forces will continue so that the recovery happens beyond Mocímboa da Praia and all the affected districts, also ensuring the return of the populations to their normal activity. Under these conditions the promoters of the producers will be able to make the recovery".

Speaking about Total, the holder of the portfolios of Mineral Resources and Energy said that he has been in permanent contact with the mining company, since they are partners. According to the minister, all other project partners maintain their goal of investing in Mozambique.

"We will follow the unfolding of the situations and we will be able to discuss issues of how and when the work will be resumed," Max Tonela added, indicating that the resumption of the gas projects depend on the restoration of tranquility in Cabo Delgado province.

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