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WMO: "Climate change aggravates food crisis and conflicts in Africa"

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned today that Africa, where climate disasters affected 110 million people and caused 5,000 deaths in 2022, is suffering disproportionately from the effects of global warming, which will aggravate the food crisis and conflicts on the continent. According to a study carried out by the United Nations agency, revealed today, it indicates that...

Sofala: Cerca de 7 mil famílias à beira de uma crise alimentar

Sofala: About 7,000 families on the brink of a food crisis

Around 7,000 families are on the brink of a food crisis in the district of Marromeu, Sofala province, an official source said. The director of the Marromeu District Economic Activities Service, Júlio Lapissone, said that the scenario was the result of poor agricultural production caused by floods and Cyclone Freddy, which devastated around four...

“O dinheiro existe” em África para acabar com a crise alimentar

"The money is there" in Africa to end the food crisis

Josefa Sacko, African Union Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Economy, Blue Economy and Environment, hopes that the final communiqué of the 36th African Union Summit, which runs until Sunday and brings together the 55 heads of state and government of the African continent, will mobilize more resources to end hunger. With the start of the 36th Summit...

UE disponibiliza 15 milhões de euros para produção de cereais

EU provides 15 million euros for cereal production

The European Union (EU) will support 10,000 more Mozambican farmers to produce cereals for the country to face the world food crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine. The measure will result from a reinforcement of 15 million euros for the Promove AgriBiz program celebrated today in Maputo. "These funds will allow, starting this agricultural season,...


Australia warns of high risk of food crisis in Mozambique

Mozambique is pointed out as one of the countries with a high risk of food shortage, having registered the fourth highest increase in the world level of food insecurity. The finding was made by the Australian Institute of Economics and Peace, which analyzed 228 countries and territories. In its 'Ecological Threat Report (ETR)' it reveals a significant increase in the...


EU provides 23 million euros to fight food crisis in Mozambique

The European Union (EU) will provide 23 million euros (about 1,430,668,385 meticais) to support the fight against the food crisis in Mozambique. Of this amount, eight million are earmarked for emergency crises. The aim is to help "mitigate the growing food insecurity" in the face of "uncertain climatic and macroeconomic conditions," says a...

Crise alimentar atinge 1800 famílias em Machaze

Food crisis hits 1800 families in Machaze

About 1800 families are facing a food crisis caused by drought and drought in the administrative post of Chipopopo, in the district of Machaze, Manica province. The head of the Department of Food Security and Nutrition in the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries, in Manica, Dionísio Rapieque, told journalists that the families...


Zambia is "well positioned" to fight the global food crisis

Zambia's President has said that his country is "well positioned" to participate in the fight against the global food crisis exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine. "Even as the world faces severe shortages of basic agricultural commodities and sees the devastating effects of food insecurity in all parts of Africa and beyond, the...

Crise alimentar “pode ter consequências” para paz em África

Food crisis "may have consequences" for peace in Africa

Egypt's President yesterday advocated the urgency for African countries, in coordination with international partners, to find solutions to the food crisis, which "may have dangerous consequences for peace and stability" in Africa. "This crisis could have dangerous consequences for the peace and stability of our society, which of course...

CTA e BAD buscam soluções para a crise alimentar

CTA and ADB seek solutions to food crisis

The Confederation of Mozambique Economic Associations (CTA), held a meeting with the representative of the African Development Bank (ADB), Cesar Abogo, in order to seek concrete solutions on the food crisis, fuel and access to credit. The President of the Business Council of CTA, Fernando Couto, points out the integrated project Pemba-Lichinga, recently launched by ADB,...