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Eleições autárquicas: Consórcio “Mais Integridade” exige afastamento na CNE e STAE

Local elections: "Mais Integridade" consortium demands dismissal at CNE and STAE

The "Mais Integridade" Electoral Consortium is calling for the removal of electoral officials following the decision to repeat the vote in four municipalities. Irregularities and illegalities led to the annulment of the elections. Made up of seven Mozambican organizations, the consortium called on Friday for the removal of those involved in the electoral process that led to the decision to repeat the local elections...

Revelado o ‘modus operandi’ da Frelimo para defraudar as eleições autárquicas de 2023

Frelimo's 'modus operandi' for rigging the 2023 local elections revealed

The Frelimo party used fraudulent methods to secure a massive victory in several Mozambican municipalities in the VI local elections, with the support of the electoral bodies and the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), according to the Mais Integridade electoral consortium in Maputo today. Speaking to journalists, the president of the electoral observers, Edson Cortês, listed the...