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Moçambique marcha amanhã em homenagem ao Azagaia

Mozambique march tomorrow in honor of Azagaia

Civil society will march tomorrow (18.03.23) in the city of Maputo in homage to rapper Azagaia, who lost his life on March 9 at his home in Matola. A source linked to the organization of the march told MZNews that the march has just been authorized by the Maputo City Council, Eneas Comiche....

Absa Bank enaltece o desempenho de desportistas moçambicanos

Absa Bank praises the performance of Mozambican sportsmen

Absa Bank Mozambique and the Maputo City Council acknowledge the delivery and merit of the Mozambican sportsmen and sportswomen for the positive results achieved either in local, interprovincial, national, continental and world competitions. According to a communiqué received in our newsroom, the highlight of the "bow" goes to the recent conquest of medals in the African Boxing Championship, held...

Projecto BRT está de volta e pode arrancar em 2023

BRT project is back and may start in 2023

 The works for the implementation of the rapid transport system (BRT) for public passenger transport in the greater Maputo metropolitan area should start in September next year, guarantees the Maputo City Council. This is an old project, and the works should have started in 2014, but for unclear reasons, they did not...

Município de Maputo já investiu 131 milhões para gestão de desastres naturais

Maputo Municipality has already invested 131 million for natural disaster management

The Maputo City Council (CMM) has invested 131 million meticais to implement contingency plans and manage disaster risk, an amount insufficient for the concerns of families, cyclically affected by weather events. Among the neighborhoods most affected by floods are Chamanculo, in the Xipamanine area, Maxaquene, Polana-Caniço, Ferroviário, in Minguene, Costa do Sol,...


Municipality announces closing of Youth Square as of this Monday

The Municipal Council of Maputo closes as of next Monday the Youth Square, located in the Magoanine neighbourhood, to make way for requalification works. The preliminary works to be executed by the municipality include cleaning, voluntary withdrawal of residents who carry out commercial activity in the location, placement of signage and subsequent fencing of the square...


Maputo Municipality now requires financial strength for contractors of city works

The Municipal Council of Maputo, will now require financial robustness, to contractors who apply for the implementation of works of the city. The President of the Municipality of Maputo, who announced the fact, this Thursday, in Inhaca Island, said that the measure aims to prevent that works awarded by the municipality, are paralyzed for lack of financial...


Requalification of the Youth Square will not happen this time

The Maputo City Council (CMM) revealed that the process of hiring and awarding the contractor postponed the start of the requalification works of the Youth Square, in Magoanine, in Maputo City. According to the councilman of Youth and Citizenship, Nércio Duvane, the works should have started at the end of November. However, there are vendors eligible to occupy the markets that still...