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CC rejeita pedido de impugnação do CDU contra Venâncio Mondlane

CC rejects CDU's request to impeach Venâncio Mondlane

The Constitutional Council (CC) has decided to reject a request by the Congress of United Democrats (CDU) to impeach Venâncio Mondlane for misusing the symbols of the Democratic Alliance Coalition (CAD). In its ruling, the CC says that the applicant is not part of the Democratic Alliance Coalition and therefore has no legitimacy to make such a request. "Compulsed...

Resolução de contenciosos eleitorais gera “guerra” entre Tribunal Supremo e Conselho Constitucional

Resolution of electoral disputes generates "war" between Supreme Court and Constitutional Council

The President of the Supreme Court, Adelino Muchanga, began this Tuesday (23) to prepare the magistrates and the legality commissions to deal correctly with electoral disputes, especially the powers of the district courts to annul elections locally. According to the Supreme Court, the district court can annul elections, but the Constitutional Council believes that...

Ordem dos Advogados defende transformação do Conselho Constitucional em Tribunal Constitucional

Portuguese Bar Association defends the transformation of the Constitutional Council into a Constitutional Court

The Mozambican Bar Association (OAM) defends the transformation of the Constitutional Council (CC) into a Constitutional Court as a way of guaranteeing the operationalization of this body. Speaking at the opening of the Judicial Year - 2024, an event that took place under the theme: "Strengthening the Role of the Judiciary in Combating Drug Trafficking", Carlos Martins said that this action...

Conselho Constitucional poderá anunciar resultados validados  até dia 25

Constitutional Council could announce validated results by the 25th

The Constitutional Council could announce whether or not the results of the repeat municipal elections in Marromeu, Milange, Guruè and Nacala-Porto have been validated by December 25, according to the electoral calendar. In the worst case scenario, according to CIP Eleições, the Constitutional Council should announce the validated results by December 26. According to...

OAM: “Acórdão do Conselho Constitucional sobre eleições autárquicas não respondeu a questões pertinentes”

OAM: "Constitutional Council ruling on local elections failed to answer pertinent questions"

The Mozambican Bar Association (OAM) said on Saturday that the Constitutional Council's (CC) ruling on the proclamation of the October election results did not answer the pertinent and legal questions about the electoral conflict, arguing that the district courts have the power to annul elections. Reacting to the proclamation of the municipal election results by the Constitutional Council,...