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China-Russia trade to hit record highs in 2023

China's trade with Russia reached a record level in 2023. The two countries traded 240.1 billion dollars in goods and services, an increase of 26.3% over the previous year, according to China Customs. Also according to Chinese customs data, Beijing and Moscow had set...


Trade between Mozambique and India reaches 1.8 billion dollars, boosted by mineral coal

Trade between Mozambique and India reached 1.8 billion dollars in the 2017/18 biennium, according to the High Commissioner of India in Mozambique. Cited by Notícias, Ankane Banejee recalled that in the 2011/12 biennium the figure was 634.82 million dollars. Mozambique's exports to that Asian country continue to increase, with...

ONG denuncia injustiça contra agricultores moçambicanos na venda de produtos agrícolas a comerciantes estrangeiros

NGO denounces injustice against Mozambican farmers in the sale of agricultural products to foreign traders

The Center for Democracy and Human Development (CDD) denounces the imposition and random pricing of agricultural products by foreign traders to the detriment of Mozambican farmers in Mocuba, Zambezia. Bangladeshi traders even change the purchase price of small Mozambican farmers' produce four times in one day, says the...

Comércio inter-africano: Lançado Barómetro do Comércio em África

Inter-African trade: Africa Trade Barometer launched

Standard Bank launched the African Trade Barometer (SB ATB) on Friday, November 17 in Maputo, a quarterly index that provides dynamic and insightful analysis to promote the development of the African continent's trade ecosystem. The aim of the initiative is to create a trade index for the continent to fill the gap in...

CTA diz que não é da competência do Ministro Moreno falar da CTA e seus membros

CTA says it's none of Minister Moreno's business to talk about the CTA and its members

The Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA) has reacted to statements made by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Silvino Moreno, according to which the trade union organization "does not respect its limits of action". Moreno made the statements recently at the closing of the first Niassa Investment Forum in the city of Lichinga. The CTA believes that...

Moçambique espera laços de comércio e investimento mais estreitos com China

Mozambique hopes for closer trade and investment ties with China

Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane on Friday expressed the hope of strengthening economic and trade cooperation in various sectors with China at an investment promotion event held in Hubei province, central China. In his speech during the Mozambique-China Investment Forum in Hubei, Maleiane, quoted by the Portuguese Xinhua portal, emphasized the...