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Lançado projecto para escrever a história colonial da África lusófona

Project to write the colonial history of Lusophone Africa launched

On Thursday 11th, the city of São Tomé hosted the launch of the Project for the Elaboration of the History of the National Liberation Struggle of Portuguese-speaking African Countries, in the part referring to São Tomé and Príncipe. The challenge launched around four years ago by the former President of Cape Verde, Pedro Pire, and President...

Artefactos da guerra colonial moçambicana serão fornecidos ao Museu da Libertação Africana

Artifacts from the Mozambican colonial war will be supplied to the African Liberation Museum

Artifacts used during the liberation struggle against Portuguese colonialism in Mozambique will be provided to the African Liberation Museum in Harare, Zimbabwe, for exhibition as soon as it is completed. The assurance was given by a Mozambican delegation led by the Minister of Combatants, Josefina Mpelo, to the Zimbabwean Minister of Defense and War Veterans, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri,...