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Amazon posts $2,028 million loss in second quarter

Amazon posted a $2,028 million loss in the second quarter of the year, following a $3.9 billion loss on an investment in electric car maker Rivian. Between April and June, the 'online' retail giant had revenues of $121,234 million, up 7% year-on-year. "Despite the...


Google acquires cybersecurity company for $5.4 MM

Google has announced yet another acquisition. It is the dynamic cybersecurity company Mandiant in a deal valued at $5.4 billion, with the tech giant looking to complement its cloud tools. "Today, organizations face cybersecurity challenges that have accelerated in frequency, severity and diversity, creating a global security imperative," states...


Huawei Launches New Perspectives to Digitize Africa

Huawei Vice President Karl Song said that Huawei Group is interested in supporting digital transformation in Africa. The continent could benefit from 5G, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI). "Huawei group, committed to supporting digital transformation in Africa, works with more than 1,500 partners on the continent. [In addition to these, there are] more than...