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Menor escapa a morte após ver os seus órgãos genitais amputados. Médicos fazem a reconstrução, mas alertam que a criança não vai ter filhos

A child escapes death after having his genitals amputated. Doctors perform reconstruction, but warn that the child will not have children

He is seven years old and in 2020 he underwent complete amputation of his genitals. The doctors are trying to reconstruct it, but there is already one certainty: the little boy's life will never be the same again. This is the second case of amputation of the genitals of a minor, curiously in the same province, Tete, and...

Menor escapou a morte após ver os seus órgãos amputados. Médicos “desdobram” para reconstruir, mas avisam: nada voltará a ser como antes

A child escaped death after having his organs amputated. Doctors "work hard" to rebuild, but warn: nothing will ever be the same again

He's five years old and has no penis or testicles... because of someone else. We'll get to that. He survived by some miracle. The doctors in the operating room are trying at all costs to rebuild his penis with fat and muscle, but there's a warning: "It won't work in the first instance," explains Igor José Vaz, the surgeon who...