Mobile network reactivated in Palma and Mocímboa da Praia

Mobile telecommunications have been partially re-established in the districts of Palma and Mocímboa da Praia, in Cabo Delgado, in the north of the country, following armed attacks in that area, one of the operators announced.

The reactivation of mobile coverage includes mobile wallets, explained the operator Vodacom Mozambique, a service with which many of the financial transactions are done in rural and remote areas, without quick access to banking services.

The signal returns after the defense forces, with support from Rwanda, have secured conditions for technical teams to move forward with repairing destroyed infrastructure.

In Palma, the equipment was destroyed during the attack by insurgent groups that occurred on March 04, while the village of Mocímboa da Praia had been occupied in August 2020.

Lusa Agency

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