Recognition of skills acquired outside education becomes valid

The government approved the System for Recognition of Acquired Skills (SRCA), aiming to guide, regulate and facilitate the certification of skills and professional qualifications.

The instrument also aims to provide social and formal recognition of skills acquired through lifelong learning processes in work, non-formal and informal training contexts.

The document was approved by the Council of Ministers, meeting on Tuesday in Maputo, in its 25th Ordinary Session.

Speaking to journalists at the end of the session, the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Filimão Suaze, explained that a platform is being designed to allow for the recognition of skills acquired outside the academic course.

After being recognized, Suaze added, people will be able to be hired and paid depending on the work to be performed. "Both in the arts and in many other areas of knowledge we have many such situations," he said.

In the arts, for example, higher education institutions in the country have hired teachers with skills without having a degree.

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