Cashew nut production and commercialization will reach 1.4 million families

One million four hundred thousand families are involved in the production and commercialization of cashew nuts, in the country.

This cash crop is responsible for about 20,000 direct jobs in the industrial sector and accounts for 20% of the national agricultural export volume.

Meanwhile, cashew nuts continue to experience a progressive decline in productivity and quality, resulting in price disincentives transferred to the producer of this crop.

It is in this context that the Almond Institute of Mozambique and the Association of Cashew Manufacturers hold, in Maputo, a seminar for consultation and discussion of the proposed revision of the Cashew Law.

At the opening of the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Celso Correia, said it was important to change the existing legal framework in the cashew sector to maximize its production and income generation for the producing families.

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