MNB Marketing Agency develops the first Pop-Up store in Mozambique

The Marketing Agency "MNB - Maningue Nice Brand", created and developed the first Automotive Pop-Up Shop in Mozambique, thus bringing an exclusive concept for lovers of the international brand Mazda.

This is a temporary store model and one of the increasingly common Marketing actions seen around the world.

The agency says that this type of store should not be applied only with the objective of selling, even if it is the main one. The action, says the agency's press release, should create a different experience for the public. The store has to have a unique decoration, in a place that the customer is not expecting to find the brand, but more importantly, surprise the consumer through innovation. It was the first automobile POP-UP Store in Mozambique. 

This opens the door for many other brands to explore new ideas, new concepts, even if they are not in the automotive business.

The release also states that the action is a great way to strengthen the relationship with customers of any brand, and of any industry.

Brands such as Tesla, Mini, Mercedes, Lexus among many others are known to exploit this experience. 

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