"Fuel prices may rise in the country," warns IMOPETRO

The price of fuel may worsen in the coming days, due to the growing trend of the product's costs in the international market. According to the Mozambican Oil Importer - IMOPETRO, quoted by "O País", by the end of September, the price of crude oil abroad, which is currently around 76 dollars a barrel, may reach 80 dollars.

With the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic the demand for the fuel, worldwide, dropped, which forced down prices, which were around $55 to $60 per barrel of Crude Bent (the material from which oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and others are extracted).

Meanwhile, the recovery of world economies, stimulated by the easing of restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, dictated the increase in demand for the fuel on the international market, over the last three months, according to the Mozambican Oil Importer.

"Before the pandemic Brent Crude was averaging around $55 to $60 a barrel. Right now we are averaging $76 to $78, with a tendency to increase. It is probable that still this month we can reach the price of 81 dollars per barrel", said Miceles Miambo, from the Markets Department of the Mozambican Oil Importer - IMOPETRO.

Miambo also said that the pressure made by the world to the largest fuel producers could lead to fuel shortages, mainly because of the natural phenomena that devastated those regions, especially Texas in the United States, which caused a reduction in the amount of fuel produced.

This situation causes all fuel-importing countries to be vigilant, with a view to adopting measures that can minimize the negative impact in the event of price increases.

"This means that the acquisition of this good, in the international market, will be more expensive and all the countries that import these products may suffer from the consequences of this aggravation," said Miambo, explaining that the government and other entities responsible for the sector are paying attention to what happens in the international market.

However, despite this international scenario, the Mozambican Oil Importer guarantees that the country has enough fuel to meet demand in the coming months.

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