Country bets on logistics and port infrastructure for integration in the African market

The deputy minister of Industry and Commerce, Ludovina Bernardo, said that Mozambique intends to continue building its multilateral economic development geography, increasingly integrating its economy into Africa's logistics services and port infrastructure, development corridors, and tourism.

According to her, the country also intends to be a reference in industrialization based on infrastructure to support rapid growth, local content, technological specialization and modernization, and applied research, among other areas.

"Our goal is to be a competitive reference on the continent and in the world; in the diversification of exports in reference value chains and also as a platform to boost investments," he said.

Speaking recently in Maputo, Ludovina Bernardo referred to the free trade zone in Africa, stressing that the tariff offer and the list of commitments to be liberalized that Mozambique will present will be in line with national development priorities and measures of Policies and Strategies in force.

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