"The industrialize Mozambique program should contribute to increased industrial production"

The President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi challenges the national business community to take on the industrialize Mozambique program, focused on the government's strategies for the country's socio-economic development.

 Filipe Nyusi who spoke on Friday in the district of Vanduzi, in Manica, at the launch of the program recommended that competitiveness is a factor, which contributes to the improvement of the national product, and reduce exports.

To materialize the industrialize Mozambique program, the head of state points to the construction of infrastructure, improvement of the business environment, capacity building for local and institutional content of the public sector, and financing for industrial enterprises, as priority areas that his executive is prioritizing.

Nyusi said that with the industrialize Mozambique program, the intention is to contribute to the increase of industrial production, making use of local raw material from the various sectors.

Through this program, funding of one hundred million dollars per year will be guaranteed to the industrial sector, making one billion dollars by two thousand and thirty-one.

The financing of the program presupposes the combination of a common fund, which includes the risk capital aspect, bilateral funds between governments, which include initiatives already underway in the country, such as PRODAPE, FUNAE, PROAZUL, and FNDS, among others.

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