Nyusi considers that pandemic contributed to the fall of the Mozambican economy

The President of the Republic, Flipe Nyusi, considers that the outbreak of the global pandemic contributed significantly in the reduction of the Mozambican economy.

He mentioned that the Mozambican economy was hit at a time when the country was trying to recover from the slowdown caused by a set of consecutive climate change events.

Filipe Nyusi was speaking this Thursday at the virtual meeting on financing mechanisms for African economies.

"Before the outbreak of the pandemic, we implemented a successful fiscal consolidation program that allowed us to put public debt on a downward trajectory. However, the ongoing crisis had significant weight on the economy, causing Mozambique's first economic contraction in almost three decades" he said,

For the Head of State, the expectation of his executive, is to gradually recover the Mozambican economy starting next year with the implementation of several integrated development programs.

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