National Geographic launches scholarships for Mozambican students

A grant from National Geographic will support a project to train Mozambican university students to analyze data and write scientific papers, Gorongosa Park announced.

The project by Jacinto Mathe, a young Mozambican veterinarian and researcher at the park, involves the training of 40 Mozambican undergraduate students who will be trained in areas such as programming, use of specialized applications, and scientific writing.

"At the end of the initial training program, each of the 40 participating students will train and equip ten more students with the same skills at their universities," with the activity taking place "under the supervision of the Gorongosa research team and collaborator Gimo Daniel from the National Museum in Bloemfontein, South Africa," the park said in a statement.

The goal is to "implement a knowledge sharing strategy that gives university students a competitive advantage in applying for advanced degrees."

Jacinto Mathe elaborated the project based on a need detected while he was doing his undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine and during his research fellowship at Gorongosa National Park.

"I received many requests for help from my classmates and other Mozambican students during my senior year. They were looking for help with data analysis, dissertation writing, and reference management," Mathe said.

Gorongosa National Park is now one of Mozambique's main conservation areas and is also establishing itself as a research center, attracting scientists from around the world.

It is located in Sofala province, at the southern end of the East African Rift Valley, with an area of about 4,000 square kilometers.

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