Nacala Logistcs increases cargo transport capacity to Malawi

Nacala Logistics, the concessionaire and operator of the Nacala Development Corridor, has increased its capacity to import products from the port of Nacala to the city of Blantyre, in Malawi, by introducing nine new locomotives.

This new acquisition comes about two years after Nacala Logistics was created as an integrated entity, representing all the concessionaires on the corridor.

Thus, the cargo transportation capacity, increased from 70 thousand to 80 thousand tons/month and the transportation cost decreased by 20%.

Nacala Logistics is an identity that arose from the merger of the concessionaires of the Nacala Corridor, to boost and enhance, increasingly, the commercial relationship between companies and service users, that is, to add value to the logistics chain, as well as to facilitate the management of the entire corridor.

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