Mozambique will import domestic gas all next year

The Mozambican Importer of Petroleum (IMOPETRO) will import Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) throughout next year. This new The measure (import for 12 months, not six) aims to increase the quantities of domestic gas for domestic consumption.

This position has to do with the difficulties IMOPETRO was facing in selecting suppliers that could supply the product for six months.

"We were not being able to attract enough suppliers in six-month tenders. And when we moved to 12 months, things changed," explained a source at IMOPETRO, cited by Cartamz.

LPG import prices have dropped considerably. This will be reflected in the consumer's pocket from next January, when the new contract comes into force.

"The transportation prices have gone down relative to the previous tender because we went from $165 per ton to $150. So we have a gain here of more or less nine percent," the source explained.

The new strategy is adopted at a time when the country has expanded its LPG storage level by another three thousand tons.

IMOPETRO awarded the LPG supply to GEOGAS - the current supplier - after it won the last tender allegedly because it is a structurally and logistically prepared company.

GEOGAS has depots in Zanzibar and has its own ships for LPG supply.

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