Mozambique vaccinated about 112,000 people in the last week

About 112,000 people were vaccinated in the country, between 02 and 09, in the scope of the mass vaccination campaign against covid-19 launched a week ago, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

The balance of the health authorities indicates that the province of Nampula, in the north of the country, vaccinated more people in that period, 18. 523, followed by the province and the city of Maputo, both in the south, with 15 167 and 12 084, respectively.

With the number of people immunized under the mass vaccination campaign has increased to 946 thousand people inoculated against covid-19 in Mozambique, including those who had already been vaccinated as part of the start of the operation in March, which in a first phase was aimed at priority groups.

Of the total number vaccinated in the country, just over 498,000 people received the two doses currently prescribed for the pandemic vaccine.

Lusa Agency

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