Mozambique may become a regional reference in chicken exports

Mozambique may become a regional reference in the export of chicken, in the next ten years, are projections advanced, this Monday, by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Developmenton the program "Cartas na Mesa" (Letters on the Table), on Radio Mozambique.

Celso Correia stressed that there is a need to create a favorable environment for production levels, with a view to export.

"By creating a favorable environment, the Mozambican private sector, particularly the poultry sector, has already shown that it has the capacity to export chickens to wherever it needs to export. Therefore, we are convinced that in the medium term, when we talk about medium term, we are talking about five to ten years, Mozambique can be a reference in the regional exportation of chickens and then reach the desired number that we are talking about, but it is important to reflect", explains Correia.

The chicken in Mozambique is not the most expensive in the world, however, the minister stresses that "we have situations of countries where the chicken is much more expensive and then we still suffer with the import of chickens that now reduced this year, due to a government action, where the pieces without insertion in other markets such as USA, arrive in Mozambique at a discount price and when they enter through the back door then, create these imbalances in the market.

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