Mozambique may be admitted to the Kimberley Process in November

Mozambique hopes to be admitted to the Kimberley process - a mechanism that allows the legal exploration and sale of diamonds in the world - in a plenary session to be held in November, in Russia.

For this purpose, the second international evaluation mission is expected next month in Maputo, which should assess "in loco" the requirements that Mozambique meets for admission to the process. In the first mission, carried out in 2016, two years after Mozambique's application, the World Diamond Council concluded that the country did not meet the minimum requirements for admission to the process, having left some recommendations.

Meanwhile, at a meeting in June, Mozambique left good indications in fulfilling the recommendations of the 2016 mission, which led members to decide to send another mission in September to assess the progress presented.

In declarations to "Notícias", the executive-secretary of the Kimberley Process Management Unit (UGPK), Castro Elias, showed hope in the possible admission of the country to the mechanism, which allows the sale of diamonds in the world, even because, according to him, besides an Executive Secretariat, Mozambique has also created the National Council of the Kimberley Process and approved the Kimberley Process Certificate.

According to Castro Elias, the country has also created the technical brigades, besides having built and equipped the commercial warehouses where exports will be made with all the safety equipment and training of technicians in diamond valuation. "These were the recommendations left by the international mission that visited Mozambique and included representatives from the European Community, countries of the region led by South Africa and others from the World Diamond Council", pointed out Castro Elias. He added that having complied with the recommendations, Mozambique referred the letter to the Kimberley International process, which culminated with an invitation to the intercession meeting held in June, where the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Max Tonela, presented all the progress mentioned above.

"Because the response from the presentation was positive, the commission promised to send the second evaluation mission in the second week of September to come and see what Mozambique says it has already done with a view to admitting the country to the November plenary session," he explained.

The executive secretary of UGPK says he believes that the country's admission to this mechanism will bring great benefits, including the entry of many companies interested in diamond prospecting and research, providing many jobs for Mozambicans, revenues for the state, as well as increased exports from the country.

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