Mozambique loses half of its tourism revenue

Mozambique's international tourism receipts settled at about $25.74 million, representing a drop of about 51.1%, relative to 2020.

Eldevina Materula, Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that the fact is due to the outbreak of Covid-19. She mentioned that the pandemic had a social and economic impact, tourism being the most affected.

Going to the numbers, the governor said that the sector recorded the closure of 31% of tourist establishments in a universe of 6,708. It also affected 271 PT2T of workers, in a universe of 69,178.

Speaking yesterday as part of World Tourism Day, the minister explained that the government has adopted measures to stimulate recovery and growth in the sector of the economy. Among them is the opening of theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, beaches. It has also extended the opening hours of catering establishments.

"However, we reiterate that these measures do not mean the end of the pandemic. On the contrary, they call us to greater responsibility for full and scrupulous compliance with health measures."

Mozambique's international tourism receipts stood at about US$25.74 million, representing a

Etelvina Materrula said that despite the setback caused by the pandemic, the sector continues to add great achievements. She cited as a concrete example the recent election of Mozambique as a member of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization for the period 2021-2025. 

"This achievement represents a unique opportunity for recovery in the post-Covid-19 era. It opens good prospects for influencing decisions that prioritize projects and investments for Africa and Mozambique in particular," he said.

As part of the promotion of its potential, Mozambique is getting ready to participate in Expo Dubai 2020, with the Culture and Tourism week taking place from November 14 to 20.

"Expo Dubai 2020 expects to host 190 countries and Mozambique will be the only one with a theme week," the minister advanced.

He encouraged the participation of economic agents and the private sector in general in the event.

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