Mozambique participates in the African Energy Week

Mozambique will participate in the African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 9 to 12. The Mozambican Oil & Gas Chamber (MOGC) will represent the country with the commitment of exposing investment opportunities.

The Oil and Gas Chamber intends to emphasize the importance of the country's role for development in Africa's energy sector. One of the points on which it will lean is on the potential of the Area-1 Offshore. This point in the Mozambican high seas has reserves estimated at 75 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural resources.

The country's oil and gas industry is expected to grow over the next decade following the discovery of more than 180 TCF (trillion cubic feet) of natural gas reserves in the Rovuma Basin.

Opportunities in Mozambique's oil and gas industry include the construction of up to six LNG plants, led by Total S.A. Afungi LNG Park is expected to go into production in 2024, with its output destined for domestic, Asian and European markets.

Mozambique is home to the largest foreign direct investment project ever in Africa, Mozambique LNG.

"Mozambique has substantial resources, from fossil fuels to renewable energy. In particular, it shows enormous potential in its natural gas industry," said the AEW 2021 Conference Director.

AEW 2021 will present the first African Energy Village. This is an interactive exhibition and networking event that aims to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for events focused on the continent.

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