Menton, the European destination that still remains a secret

It is one of the pearls of the French riviera, but it also drinks influence from Italy. The best of both worlds, therefore, which could very well be the next destination this summer.

A small coastal town between Nice and Genoa, Menton is part of the idyllic French Blue Coast (i.e. the Provence-Alpes-Blue Coast region). It is situated almost on the Italian border, near Ventimiglia and the principality of Monaco, so it drinks from the influence of various cultures and traditions.

Bordered by the Mediterranean and considered by many the "pearl of France" - nickname given by the famous geographer Elisée Reclus - Menton is not yet a mass tourist destination. It is known that the poet Jean Cocteau, who has his own museum in the town, also surrendered to the charms of this destination.

Among many other qualities, Menton is said to be the French village with the best climate in the country. Its bucolic gardens, sandy beaches, and houses in pastel and ochre tones, not only make this one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, but its subtropical microclimate ensures sun all year round, says the Spanish magazine Condé Nast Traveler, as the destination was considered one of the European Best Destinations of 2021.

In February the Lemon Festival is celebrated, as there are lemon trees all over the city, whose fragrance intoxicates the travelers' senses, a perfect pretext to visit the beaches and take eternal walks through the typical streets of this destination.

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