Government promises to electrify 45 administrative posts by the end of the year

The Government expects to conclude until the end of this year the expansion of electric power supply to 45 administrative posts throughout the country through the extension of the national electric grid and isolated systems of production of this resource, under the program "Energy for All.

The information was advanced this Thursday on Radio Mozambique, by the National Energy Director at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Pascoal Bacela.

"By the end of 2021, we will have the completion of 38 administrative posts through the expansion of the national power grid and 7 through isolated systems. At the same time, within this program, there are activities throughout the country aimed at expanding the surplus through the connection of new electricity consumers; this has allowed, since 2020 until this part, to reach the level of 40% of the population with access to electricity," he said.

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