Mozambican film chosen for post-production support in Venice

The film "The nights still smell of gunpowder", by Mozambican director Inadelso Cossa, is among the six works selected for the "Final Cut" program at the Venice Film Festival, the organization announced on Monday..

According to Lusa, the "Final Cut" program has "provided, since 2013, concrete assistance for the finalization of films from all African countries and from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria," recalls the festival, which emphasizes that multiple prizes are awarded for post-production work, from color correction to sound mixing, among many others.

"The nights still smell of gunpowder" is a co-production between Mozambique, Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

According to the synopsis made available in 2019 by the Berlin Film Festival Talent Program, the documentary "The nights still smell like gunpowder" is a "filmic essay to question, heal and document the wounds and traumas that the Civil War left on the national territory, from the point of view of the people who survived, a personal journey that intersects with the history of the country."

The director, who received a production and post-production scholarship from the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, explained, according to a text on the festival's website, that, "concerned with the fragmented memories of childhood during the civil war in Mozambique," he returned to his grandmother's village to "reveal the untold stories that still haunt [his] generation."

"The Nights Still Smell Like Gunpowder" will participate in the "Final Cut" program alongside productions from Tunisia, Nigeria, Iraq, Morocco and the Central African Republic.

The 78th Venice International Film Festival will take place between September 1st and September 11th.

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