New minimum wage negotiations for 9 sectors concluded

The negotiations to fix the minimum wage in nine sectors of activities in Mozambique are closed. The announcement was made by the central trade union OTM that does not expect, for now, improvements in the lives of workers as a result of the high cost of living in the country and where in most sectors, the base salary does not exceed 5 100 meticais

With the negotiations closed, we are now waiting for the disclosure of the proposals of the new minimum wage by the nine sectors of activity to be submitted to the Council of Ministers for its approval, announced Alexandre Munguambe, general secretary of the Organization of Workers of Mozambique (OTM). 

"We think that after we receive the results of the negotiations, the labor minister will convene the labor consultative committee soon. [The agreements] are already negotiated, agreed upon," explained Alexandre Munguambe quoted by the RFI portal.

The percentages and figures agreed upon are not yet in the public domain, however, Damião Simango, OTM spokesman, says they do not meet the current cost of living. 

"These negotiations won't bring many changes, but at least they can bring a cheer to the workers because almost two years is a long time and with the cost of living situation getting worse day by day," Damião Simango said.

The last salary update in Mozambique occurred in 2019, and the following year negotiations to set the new table were suspended due to covid-19 and only resumed in June this year.  

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