Dubai uses drones to produce artificial rain to combat heat wave

Although we do not control nature, we can to some extent, for better or worse, interfere with it.. It is usually more for the bad. Nevertheless, there are ways to "manipulate" natural events, such as the occurrence of rain, to combat heat. The idea and successful execution happened in Dubai. The UAE emirate used drones that released electrical charges into the clouds causing them to pool and form precipitation.

Although the ideas seem functional, the truth is that the rain has been so heavy that it is causing problems in the city.

According to "pplware", the United Arab Emirates is known for its economic power and daring construction techniques. This time, the country has invested in the technique of producing clouds to collect water in dams and reservoirs. However, this week the .

The average accumulated rainfall in the country is about 100 mm per year. To have a notion, it rains on average about 1354 mm per year in Porto. To cover the lack of water resources, the country decided to invest in the cloud production technique to induce rain and increase the water level in the reservoirs.

Since the 4th of this month, the UAE has conducted at least eight cloud-producing operations. According to the government, the country's dams and reservoirs have collected 6.7 million cubic meters of water in the past two days. The average cost of the technique is $1 for each cubic meter of water extracted from clouds.

However, the result of the production was not only felt in the areas where the dams and reservoirs are, but also in some of the largest cities in the country. In the northern part of Dubai, streets were partially flooded and one of the largest malls (Mall of the Emirates) had to be evacuated after a power outage.

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