Cuba wants to boost cooperation and explore opportunities in Mozambique

The Cuban government expressed this Wednesday interest in boosting cooperation with Mozambique and exploring opportunities in different areas.

"One of the motivations that brings us here is to boost our cooperation in different areas and explore opportunities in the areas of trade, agriculture, tourism," said Pavel Diaz Hernández, Cuba's ambassador to Mozambique.

The diplomat was speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with the governor of the northern province of Nampula.

At the time, the Cuban ambassador said that with the visit to Nampula he also intended to evaluate the performance of the Cuban health professionals who are in that province.

"In the area of health, certainly 45 years ago the first doctors arrived in this province and today we have an important medical brigade here that is working," he mentioned.

Cuba has stood out by sending doctors and nurses to reinforce the health professionals in Mozambique.

In March, the Health Ministry announced the arrival of a team of 30 Cuban health professionals to reinforce the country in fighting the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, which was preceded by another team of 14 professionals who arrived in the country in January.

Lusa Agency

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