Agricultural commercialization in Mozambique has already been fulfilled in 39%

After the launch of the agricultural marketing campaign in April of this year, the country has already sold more than six million tons of various products, out of a projected volume of about 15 million tons. These indicators represent an achievement level of 39% and a growth in the order of 6% compared to the same period in the year 2020.

In this marketing year, products such as manioc with 2,043,110 tons, corn with 1,825,268 tons, vegetables in the order of 836,076 tons and beans with 363,563 tons stood out.

This result, considered positive by a source from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), was achieved in an atypical season and had a stimulus of about 199 rotating operations of agricultural marketing, which were financed by the Government and partners, amounting to approximately 216 million Meticais, to improve and increase the sale of agricultural products.

This movement was created with the purpose of alleviating the constraint in the lack of financial resources to buy the production from the peasants' hands and is being an asset to reverse the scenario.

It is noted that in this component 3,069 tons of various products were conserved, carried over from 2020, which allowed 70 operators, including 65 small farmers and traders, and five large agricultural marketing operators, to ensure the continuity of product supply as well as price stabilization in local markets in times of scarcity. 

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