Chinese plan cement plant for Zambezia

A factory to produce construction cement may be built next year in the administrative post of Macuse, in the district of Namacurra, Zambézia province, in a Chinese investment estimated at 15 million dollars.

In Zambezia, government leaders and businessmen believe that the construction of the plant, with an installed capacity of 200 thousand tons per year, will stimulate economic growth, job generation, and taxes for the state.

The feasibility of this production unit is dependent on the environmental impact study, whose public consultation begins later this month. Tom Ma Jo Chon, of the Africa Great Wall Manufacture company, was cautious about the deadlines for the start of construction, but assured that if the public consultation and the environmental impact study, to be carried out within the next six months, the factory will be able to start next year.

"After everything is properly authorized, we will set in motion our schedule of activities for the construction of the plant," he said, adding that the plant will be set up in the Boror neighborhood in the administrative post of Macuse.

With the implementation of the plant, two hundred direct jobs will be created, a number that may increase with time, depending on the market and specialization.

According to the head of Africa Great Wall Manufacture, the limestone will be purchased in the country, leaving the clinker, another raw material for the production of cement, to be imported from the external market, namely Pakistan and Vietnam.

Reacting to this investment, the president of the Association of Zambézia Contractors, Zeca Dias, said that the investment could revolutionize the construction industry, because the prices will be affordable.

According to him, many families with average income may have the opportunity to build improved houses. The district administrator of Namacurra, Moura Xavier, understands that the future factory may contribute to the revival of the economy of Zambezia province, to the extent that many families will be able to build improved houses, with the accessibility of the product in the local market.

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