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Sonhos que Impactam Vidas: Da Tecnologia à Sustentabilidade Ambiental

Dreams that Impact Lives: From Technology to Environmental Sustainability

They are Mozambicans, they have experienced Mozambican problems, they have dreamed up and created solutions to solve them and they have been honored for their altruism. From Mozambique to the world, they have received distinctions from the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, there have even been partnerships with Elon Musk and patent registrations in the United States of America. In the face of adversity, they have remained steadfast and inspired people. They are the...

Transformando sonhos em realidade

Turning dreams into reality

Allen Macuácua started his business at the age of 12. Today, while still in his prime, he runs First Education, a platform whose ultimate goal is to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. It was out of a need to solve a problem in Mozambican society that Allen Macuácua decided to create First Education, a platform...

Open House Maputo: Uma viagem aos “inacessíveis” edifícios icónicos da cidade

Open House Maputo: A journey to the city's "inaccessible" iconic buildings

The city of Maputo is beautiful, for everything but nothing, in particular for the architectural splendor that surprises everyone. The secular and modern buildings give it uniqueness among the world's metropolises, blending stories (and histories). Those who visit it return to their city wanting to return to Maputo, for it is open to the whole world.... By the way

Projecto KAYA: onde os sem-tecto sentem-se em casa

KAYA Project: where the homeless feel at home

This week we got to know the KAYA project, whose focus is to provide varied social assistance to people in need, in a cozy space in the city of Maputo. For now, the initiative stands out by providing free meals daily. The intention goes beyond this, as we envision a bright future where those deprived of basic humanitarian conditions can be formed...

“Energias renováveis é o futuro”

"Renewable energy is the future"

Mozambique should start preparing for the energy transition, says consultant in renewable energy and climate change, Manuel Mota, in an interview to MZNews. During the interview, the consultant defended the need to decarbonize the economy, stating that renewable energies are the future. Mota also said that the income derived from the exploration of gas...

“A nossa estratégia é a digitalização”

"Our strategy is digitalization"

Ecobank Mozambique wants to continue to grow and elevate the brand in the Mozambican banking market, but with a focus on the digitalization of services. EcoBank is a subsidiary of the Ecobank group, which owns over 90% of Ecobank Mozambique. It has been operating in the Mozambican banking market since 2014 and currently has four branches...


Mozambican photographer awarded international prize

The Mozambican photographer, Edilson Tomás, received an honorable mention and was considered the best of Africa in the international photography contest World Water day 2022, as part of World Water Day. In a contest with more than 1000 participants from five continents, Edilson Tomás stood out with a photo entitled Babysitter (baba) and deserved an honorable mention...